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An estimated 7.33 billion people (91.53%) in the world own a cellular telephone.

An estimated 97% of Americans own a cellular telephone. 

Odds are, your case involves cellular records, social media, geolocation information, connected vehicle data, or a combination thereof.


Why A.B.M. Intel?

About Us

Technology is constantly changing. The Subject Matter Experts (S.M.E.s) at A.B.M. Intel are daily practitioners of everything cellular technology, social media, and digital evidence.

Our training programs always contain the most up-to-date content, and are delivered with a practical approach in mind.


Our S.M.E.s are highly experienced investigators with extensive courtroom experience. Our consulting services stay true to our motto, “truth through analysis.”


CellHawk Certification

Get Certified!

A.B.M. Intel is the PREMIER training provider for CellHawk. As such, our training programs offer official certifications.