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A.B.M. Intel offers various levels of training, each providing the attendee with the most up-to-date content. Our industry leading subject matter experts take a practical approach to instruction.

Law Enforcement and Private Sector Training

An estimated 7.33 billion people (91.53%) in the world own a cellular telephone. An estimated 97% of Americans own a cellular telephone. 

The industry experts at A.B.M. Intel are all active professionals currently working in the field. We provide up-to-date and practical training on cellular records analysis, Google, and other digital evidence topics.

“The records have no bias.”

CellHawk Certification Courses

A.B.M. Intel is a CellHawk premier training provider!

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Why A.B.M. Intel?

Our instructors are active professionals in their field. We take a practical approach to training and deliver up-to-date information. 


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