A.B.M. Intel

Empowering truth.


Industry leaders in cellular telephone records analysis.

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An estimated 7.33 billion people (91.53%) in the world own a cellular telephone. An estimated 97% of Americans own a cellular telephone. 

The industry experts at A.B.M. Intel are all active professionals currently working in the field. We provide up-to-date and practical training on cellular records analysis, Google, and other digital evidence topics.


Cellular telephone records, Google records, and other digital evidence records are obtained daily, in the pursuit of truth, in criminal and civil investigations. Conducting a proper and complete analysis of these records is a critical step in the process. The experts at A.B.M. Intel have investigative and trial experience and are here to help. 

        “The records have

      no bias.”

They help find missing kids, they exculpate, and they inculpate.

Our goal is the truth.

Why A.B.M. Intel?

Our instructors are active professionals in their field. We take a practical approach to training and deliver up-to-date information. 

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