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Our Story

A.B.M. Intel was founded by a veteran criminal investigator and law enforcement officer with over 15 years of experience. He recognized the need for investigators and analysts to have specialized training in cellular technology and records analysis, aimed at answering a few simple questions:

What information is available?

How can I get it?

What can I do with it once I get it?

How do I present it?

Cellular telephone records and other communication records play a critical role in criminal investigations today. Almost every criminal investigation will involve a mobile telephone or subscription to one or more communication or social media providers. They provide inculpatory and exculpatory evidence. They corroborate or refute witness, victim, and suspect statements. They potentially provide information concerning the location of a device belonging to a witness, victim, or suspect. Furthermore, they can be used to show the pattern of life and commonality of a device, or between two or more devices.

Knowing how to obtain these records, how to understand these records, and how to use these records, is a necessary skill for any criminal investigator. 

Our instructors are active law enforcement officers who have been qualified by the Court as experts in the field they are instructing. The information and materials our students receive is up-to-date. When our instructors are not teaching, they are investigating their own cases or testifying on another case. Our instructors bring experience from the local, county, state, and district attorney level.

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