Social Media and OSINT by DeVille and Associates (ONLINE)

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The criminal mind never sleeps and is constantly advancing with technology. This introductory course will review the use of cyber technology, discussing web platforms, AI and bot technology, linkage analysis, and social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, Telegram, Omegle, Discord, Twitch, Spotify, and many others to understand cybercrime. Social networking sites and cell phones have expanded cybercrimes and created new channels for sharing information that could also be utilized by law enforcement to investigate crimes and identify suspects. With using OSINT, there are many techniques that can be used to gather intelligence across the internet and social media platforms. Examples of OSINT include tracing usernames, emails, text hide software, phone number searches, OSINT dashboards, reverse images, websites, screen catch, trace and track linkage analysis, and so much more.

This course includes many OSINT tools and how to create a sock puppet for cyber investigations. This course primarily focuses on Open-source Intelligence (OSINT) and social media, chat, and gaming platforms; however, those are also available on cell phones. We will touch on OSINT that can be used for cell phones and we will review networking, routers and how to conduct a router interrogation, step-by-step. This course also includes information on warrant templates for over 500 social media and gaming platforms discussing some of the most common and what each one collects regarding IP addresses, URLs, voice, pictures, videos, financial data, and much more. We will also be discussing current case studies using linkage analysis, OSINT, and technological combinations used for success. We will close the training by discussing the importance of 3-D digital evidence and courtroom testimony. Most case studies include sextortion and other sex crimes as examples.

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Dec 05 - 06 2023


Central Time
08:00 - 17:00