Training Courses

Introduction to Cellular Technology and Records (ICTR)


Entry Level

This 1-day course serves as an introduction to cellular technology and records. Attendees will learn the basics about cellular technology. The course will do a dive into the raw provider records with hands-on exercises. This course provides a foundation for working with cellular records, which is necessary before transitioning into mapping and analytical software and solutions. 

CellHawk Fundamentals

1-day (CHF)

Entry Level

Dual Certificate Course (click to learn more)

This 1-day course is a entry-level, button-by-button, guide to using CellHawk for cellular records mapping and analysis. This course is perfect for new users of CellHawk or users requiring a refresher in its use. Attendees will not be required to have their own account to participate in the training.


Cellular Technology, Records, and Analysis (CTRA)



Dual Certificate Course (click to learn more)

Prerequisites: completion of an entry-level course or basic knowledge of subject matter. 

This 3-day course serves as an intermediate level or fast-paced introduction-level dive into cellular technology, records, and analysis. Attendees will learn about the technology behind cellular records, identifying and investigating targets to further an investigation, legal process and data preservation, provider-specific information, an introduction to presenting records in court, and plenty of hands-on practical exercises.

Advanced Cellular Records Analysis  (ACRA)



Prerequisites: completion of CTRA or intermediate level knowledge of subject matter.

This 2-day course is designed for graduates of the 3-day Cellular Technology, Records, and Analysis course (CTRA) or attendees with intermediate knowledge in the subject matter. The course takes a deeper dive into records, focusing on various analytical  and provider-specific concerns. It will also provide the attendee with practical experience in preparing demonstratives and reports for the legal environment. 

Advanced Cellular Records Testimony (ACRT)

Hybrid (online and 2-day)


Prerequisites: completion of ACRA or advanced level knowledge of subject matter.

This is a two-part hybrid course. Students will be required to analyze and prepare a case for trial on their own (prior to the in-person section). The attendees will then meet (in-person) and present their case in a mock trial environment.

 Cellular  Technology and Records for the Attorney (CTA)


Entry Level

This one-day course is a must for any attorney working with cellular records. This course provides an attendee with a basic understanding of cellular technology and records, analysis and mapping, and the usage and limitations. This foundational knowledge will promote more effective questioning of witnesses and more focused arguments.